Job Responsibilities:

  • 1. Business development, access to customer information and needs, including advertisers, top agency, publishers, etc.;
  • 2. Get the customer promotion budget and ensure timely payment;
  • 3. Maintain partnerships and establish long-term cooperation;

Job Requirements:

  • 1. Basic understanding of the mobile Internet, more than 3 years of internationalization or mobile Internet work experience is preferred;
  • 2. Strong English reading and writing skills, can be used as working language;
  • 3. Excellent information acquisition and customer relationship management capabilities, communication and proactive, and can achieve instant information feedback;
  • 4. Rich local market customer resources, can help the company to expand the local market head customer.


  • Open to discuss


  • India, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, US, EU, Russia, Turkey, Vietnam

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